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2019 11 21 1NA

Joint Media Team Visits DCD’S Location at Dubai Air Show 2019

   Dubai government Joint Media Team led by Lady Alia AL Dhib, director of Strategic Communication at Dubai Government Media office, and include Mr. Butti Ahmed Bin Drawish, director of security awareness department at Dubai Police, Mr.  Saeed Amin, head of News and Publishing section at Dubai Police, and Mr. Mohammed ALMunji, Media Coordinator at Road and Transport Authority RTA.  

  Visiting delegation was received by Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hamad Bal Suwida AL Amarri, director of Barsha fire station, Major Abdullrahman AL Saleh, director of Support and Backup center, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department.

The visit comes within general framework of joint media cooperation, with the aim to reflect exhibition event and its associated activities, and the role DCD’S media team play to cover events, and cooperating with different local and external media authorities, and also to reflect the bright image of events that are hosted and organized by the emirate of Dubai.  

In addition, seeking to educate and spread awareness among public, to instill the culture of safety and security, as part of the media coverage of associated events.

Delegation then moved to see well-equipped operations room, and review DCD’S readiness to protect lives and properties.

2019 11 21 2NA

2019 11 21 3NA

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Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:38

World Children’s Day - 2019

2019 11 20 1111


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2019 11 20 111NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, has chaired a meeting, during which he reviewed Dubai Civil Defense capacity, identify human cadre needed, in different areas of specialties.

Other attendants in the meeting were, Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid AL Muheiri, assistant director for resources and support services, Brig. Rashid Khalifa BuAlflasa, assistant director for smart services, Col. Expert Ali Hassan, assistant director for fire and rescue affaires, Lady Afaf Jassim , director of Polices and Decisions Support and MS Nora Ahmed ALMatrooshi, director of Human Resources Department, who have displayed a presentation on  the needs and   human forces required at both leadership and supervisory levels.


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2019 11 20 44NA

Assistants of Dubai Civil Defense Director General for Smart Services and Fire and Rescue affairs respectively, Brig. Rashid Khalifah AL Buflasah and Ali Hassan ALMutawaa, have received Excellency Khalifa Bin Dari, Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, during his visit to DCD’S location at Dubai Air Show 2019.

Both parties discussed Air Show activities and events, which run smoothly in its 16th edition, and aircrafts industry latest technologies displayed on its sideline, as well as participation of significant international airlines.

Other issues discussed during the meeting also include, organizing aspects, which reflect the place where Dubai reached in organizing such international events and activities.

They also, received Col. Expert Juma Bin Drawish ALFlasi, director of Research and Rescue department at Dubai Police General Department of Transport and Rescue, and Lt. Col. (Pilot) Ali ALMuheiri, director of Air Wing at Dubai Police.

Meeting was attended by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein ALRahoumi, director of fire stations department, Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hamad Bal suawaida, director of Barsha fire station, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department and Captain Amer Disi, head of Events Section.

2019 11 20 33NA

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:47

2019 11 20 1NA

Liaison officers at EXPO 2020 have visited Dubai Civil Defense wing at Dubai Air Show 2019, to review best practices and applications implemented in area of specialty.

Visiting delegation was received by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed ALrahoumi, director of fire stations department, Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hammed Bal suwaida, director of Barsha fire station and Major Abdullrahman AL Saleh, director of Support and Backup center.

Following the review of DCD’s site at Air Show, visiting delegation praised Dubai Civil Defense readiness in different specialization areas.

2019 11 20 2NA


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Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019 11:54


2019 11 19 1NA

Our heartfelt condolences to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed ALNahyan, President of State (May Allah Preserves Him), and to Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed ALNahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and to ALNahyan Family, on the sad demised of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed ALNahyan, May Allah Almighty rest his soul in peace and grant him a place in paradise, and prayed to Almighty Allah to grant patience and solace to his family.

Maj. Gen. Expert l Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi

Director General of Dubai Civil Defense

Last modified on Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019 12:54

2019 11 18 11NA

Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, has received at DCD’s allocated area at Dubai Air Show Exhibition, a high raking delegation from Dubai Police, comprises Brig. Rashid Bin Drawish, Director of Emergency at General Department of Facilities and Authorities Security and Emergency, Col. Expert Juma Bin Drawish director of Transport and rescue, Col. Expert Ahmed Bourgiba, director of Crisis & Disasters at General Operations department, Lt.Col. Eissa Ahmed Shaheen, director of Passport Control at Maktoum Airport.

Both parties exchange views about cutting- edge technologies and created procedures in aircraft industry; they also, witnessed the air show and its formations, which symbolizes UAE flag in the sky.

Meeting was attended by Col. Expert Ali Hassan AL Mutawaa, assistant director general for fire and rescue affairs, Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hammed Balsawida, director of Barsha fire station, Lt. Col. Abdullrahman AL Ali, acting director of smart systems department, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communications department and 1st Lt. Eissa Ahmed AL Mutawaa, deputy director of Monitoring and Inspection Department.

2019 11 18 22NA



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Monday, 18 Nov 2019 11:18

DCD Celebrates Tolerance World Day

2019 11 18 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense has celebrated the Tolerance World Day, which falls this year on Year of tolerance 2019, which approved by the wise leadership to celebrate humanity and religious tolerance in its best versions, Department of Government Communication has distributed brochures that encompass the meanings and values of tolerance.

DCD’s celebration of tolerance world day event comes as part of a number of its activities and events carried out throughout this year, which aim to enhance and support the national role in disseminate the tolerance and its values worldwide.

Last modified on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:09

2019 11 17 1111

Dubai Civil Defense Department has organized a lecture branded as “Tolerance in Islam” for Non Arabic speaking, at Etihad museum, in cooperation with WATANI ALEMARAT Corporation, to mark Tolerance World day, which is celebrated by different nations on Nov.16 of every year, with the aim to instill tolerance values and culture, respect and fraternity amongst the people, and to quit all hatred, intolerance and discrimination aspects, and to respect culture, traditions and heritages of others.

Convened lecture was delivered by scholar Mohamed Eid ALMuheiri, targets DCD’s employees who do not speak Arabic language.

He focused on casting light on the human values likewise tolerance, forgiveness, etc. which Islamic religion highly appreciates, and seek through its teachings to instill the values of positivity, courtesy, respect of other and finding reasons for their faults.

Scholar ALMuheiri, was honored at the end of the lecture by Lady Huawida Bin Touq, deputy director of Government Communication department, in recognition of his valued lecture delivered.

2019 11 17 2222

2019 11 17 3333

2019 11 17 4444


Last modified on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:09

2019 11 17 111NA

Dubai Civil Defense has participated in “Clothes for Good” initiative organized by Road & Transport Authority at Global village, as part of its initiatives to mark Tolerance World day, with the aim to enhance and support humanity initiatives seeking to help the needy sectors in poor countries, through volunteers drive to prepare and redistribute the Clothes.

DCD’s participation comes within the general framework of efforts to enhance its plans and strategy, aiming at instilling volunteer spirit across different sects of society, by organizing and participating in community humanitarian initiatives.

Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department emphasized that, DCD work tirelessly to enhance the of volunteer culture, cooperation spirit and draw community solidarity image through  different activities carried by volunteers team, which in turn instill the directive of the wise leadership, to reflect the values of solidarity and integration of UAE society, that linked to the nation’s identity, to maintain the achievements accomplished during recent Last decades.


Last modified on Monday, 18 Nov 2019 09:54
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