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2021 11 01 1NA

The General Directorate of Civil Defense in Dubai has concluded the activities of the (Pink October) campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of early examination of breast cancer and to identify its causes, and behavioral options that reduce the risk of infection. The campaign was organized by the Civil Protection Department - Department of (Public Health).

The campaign included many accompanying events to enhance the level of health culture, for the female component in the building of the General Directorate of Civil Defense in cooperation with the Medical Treatment Center, and at Expo 2020, besides the distribution of gifts.

Maj. Hamdan Hamad Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Civil Protection Department, praised the efforts of the work teams during the month of October, which succeeded in performing their mission according to the indicators of plans and timetable, and the target groups in the previously agreed upon sites, assuring that the campaign came in conjunction with the activities of the International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness, which coincides with the activities of the International Month for Breast Cancer Awareness. With the advent of October of each year, to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer, prevention and treatment.

He also assured that DCD is keen to participate in all health and awareness events and activities, based on its national responsibility towards members of society, implementing targeted and comprehensive events and programs in cooperation with strategic partners in various sectors.

2021 11 01 2NA

2021 11 01 3NA

2021 11 01 4NA
2021 11 01 5NA
2021 11 01 6NA
2021 11 01 7NA
2021 11 01 8NA
2021 11 01 9NA
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2021 10 25 1NA

His Ex. Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General for Resources and Support Services, and Head of the Expo 2020 Organizing Team praised the continuous visits of employees to Expo exhibition Pavilions, the global event hosted by the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai, assuring that the role of civil defense and its national responsibility in enabling its members to discover what the exhibition offers and learn about the latest technologies and innovations, which represents the gathering point of civilizations and cultures to communicate with different nations.

This came when he was honoring the 1st corporal Eissa Al Falasi, from the Support civil defense station, after he obtained the stamp of all pavilions of the countries participating in the Expo 2020 on the Expo memorial passport while visiting the exhibition and exploring the pavilions of the countries and companies participating in the event.

His Excellency assured that DCD organizes daily visits for its members to Expo 2020, to step into the largest number of pavilions during the global event and to enjoy a unique experience that enables them to showcase the best that countries offer through their pavilions, and to have a unique experience in the exceptional events and activities of the event.



Last modified on Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021 08:41
2021 10 05 1NA

During his tour in Expo 2020

Lt. General, expert Rashid Al-Matrooshi, visits the Pavilions of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Interior

His Excellency Lt. General Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of the DCD, visited a number of pavilions of some countries and national entities participating in Expo 2020.

His Excellency began the tour by visiting the UAE National Pavilion, which is the largest in terms of area and located in the heart of the Expo, where he was briefed with his companions on this distinguished architectural edifice, which was designed in the form of a falcon spreading its wings on the horizons of leadership, lofty and values of openness and communication.

Then, he moved to the pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the second-largest pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is located in the "Opportunities" area of the exhibition and met with officials in it, and listened to an explanation of the pavilion's content that consolidates the ancient civilization of the Kingdom, its heritage and future plans inspired by (Saudi Arabia 2030) vision.

He concluded his tour by visiting the Ministry of Interior pavilion, where he was briefed on their participation, through a variety of visitors’ activities, with the aim of highlighting the Ministry’s contributions and successes, the smart technologies it uses, and highlighting the most important practices and effective police work in achieving the goals.

His Excellency assured that the Dubai Expo attracts the world's attention from governments, companies, and individuals, as it is the most wonderful event, through which the world gathers through the extended pavilions to draw the features of a better future for humanity and the future anticipation.

Lt. General Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi stressed the readiness of Dubai Civil Defense to provide all aspects of support with the highest indicators of safety and security, through integrated operational plans, best-applied practices, and distinguished work methodologies, which protect and support the safety and well-being of all participants in Expo 2020 Dubai.

His Excellency Lt. General Al Matrooshi was accompanied during the visit by Brg. Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, Assistant Director-General for Smart Services, Colonel Expert Hussain Mohammed Al Rahoumi, Director of the Expo Fire and Rescue Station, Colonel Jamal Ahmed Ibrahim, Director of Services and Supplies Department, and Colonel Ismail Abdullah Ahmed, Director of Al Barsha Fire and Rescue Station, Colonel Expert Jumaa Mubarak Al Basata, Director of the Emirates Civil Defense Academy, Major Dr. Ahmed Youssef Al Shengiti, Director of the Government Communications Department, Captain Eissa Ahmed Al Mutawaa, Director of the Monitoring and Inspection Department, officers and heads of departments.

2021 10 05 2NA

2021 10 05 3NA

2021 10 05 4NA

2021 10 05 5NA
2021 10 05 6NA
2021 10 05 7NA
Last modified on Wednesday, 06 Oct 2021 13:41
2021 09 19 1NA

The Emirates Civil Defense Academy in Dubai celebrated the graduation of the (Basic Firefighting Batch 37) course at the academy’s Premises in Al Aweer for 34 firefighters, in the presence of His Excellency Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General for Resources and Support Services.

In his speech to the graduates, Major General Jamal bin Aded assured the importance of applying the specialized sciences and skills, during the course and practicing it accurately and distinctly on the ground through their work in fire and rescue stations, praising their keenness, perseverance, diligence, and desire to serve their country.

His Excellency pointed out that the firefighters who graduated in the current course have all the skills, capabilities, and talents required in a civil defenseman, and directed them to continue learning and self-development to carry out the tasks and duties entrusted to them in the fields of work, pointing out that DCD provides all its members with opportunities for rehabilitation and development. skills and accompanying, referring to the strategy pursued by the Civil Defense, which is derived from the directives of the wise leadership.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded honored the top graduates in the various categories, where 1st. Warrant Officer Thani Ali Alrazi won first place in the overall total, 1st. Corporal Omar Khaled Al Shamsi first place in firefighting, and 1st. Corporal Ghaith Ali Al Balushi first place in sports, and 1st. Corporal Hamid Muhammed Mizer Al-Marri ranked first in behavior.

Then the certificates were handed over to all the graduates and memorial photos were taken with them in the presence of managers of departments and Stations.

2021 09 19 2NA

Last modified on Sunday, 19 Sep 2021 09:10
2021 09 12 1NA

Lt-Gen. Expert Rashid Al Matrooshi reviews the Civil Defense plan to secure "Expo 2020"

His Excellency Lt-Gen. Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of the DCD, chaired a meeting to discuss the security plan and review the arrangements for executive work plans to secure the activities and events accompanying the Expo 2020, which will be implemented during the exhibition period from October 1st up to -31st of March 2022. In order to achieve the highest indicators of prevention, safety, and security for visitors of the exhibition, including dignitaries, participants, and the public.

His Excellency was briefed on the readiness of the main operating rooms, firefighters and rescuers, the operational plans of the fire and rescue sectors, smart services, resources, and support services, to carry out the tasks carried out by Dubai Civil Defense professionally mainly, and support operations in accordance with the highest international applied standards.

Reports and plans developed by each sector were introduced to his Excellency according to the highest indicators of outstanding professional performance within the responsibilities and priorities of the Expo 2020 insurance plan, aiming to contribute and achieve the strategic goal, to present a unique version 0f Dubai Expo 2020, that makes it one of the best Expos globally.

His Excellency Al Matrooshi confirmed the readiness of Dubai Civil Defense to take its leading and national role in the global event hosted by the United Arab Emirates, in the Emirate of Dubai, according to the integrated proactive and operational plans and strategies that guarantee the safety and protection of participants and visitors, as field teams and specialized units are prepared to perform their role for high professionalism 24 hours a day, within the best practices and applied successful practices.

He pointed to harnessing the technical capabilities and human expertise, to achieve the objectives of the Dubai government, as all the project buildings were linked to the smart monitoring system (7×24) around the clock, in order to enhance safety, protection, and prevention Procedures, and to ensure that they were put into practice to ensure the protection of participants and visitors, and confirming the covenant that we remain loyal to the national projects by sacrifice and loyalty to the homeland and its rational leadership at all times and occasions.

The meeting was held in the presence of Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General for Resources and Support Services Affairs, Brigadier General Rashid Khalifah Al Falasi, Assistant Director-General for Smart Services, Brigadier General Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawaa, Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue Affairs, sector leaders and directors of relevant departments.

Last modified on Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021 11:51
2021 09 08 1NA

Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi inspects the training fields at the Emirates Civil Defense Academy in Al Aweer

His Ex. Maj. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General for Resources and Support Services Affairs at DCD, inspected the training fields, teaching rooms, and practical applications laboratories at the Emirates Civil Defense Academy in Al Aweer during his field tour, and witnessed some of the specialized training for the members of the foundational fire course (37). Which included firefighting skills and firefighting of all kinds, in the presence of Colonel / Expert Juma Mubarak Al-Basata, Director of the Emirates Civil Defense Academy.

His Excellency was also briefed on the plan of the training and rehabilitation courses and programs for the military and civilian employees of DCD, and the importance of the strategic partnership between the Civil Defense Academy and the institutions and Fire Stations concerned with modern training fields aspects specialties.

His Exc. praised the distinguished level shown by the members of the foundational firefighting course (37) and the enthusiasm with which they perform the training, praising the curriculum and program of the course, which combines theoretical sciences and practical exercises in how to deal with various types of accidents and fires to hone the skills and enhance the capabilities of new firefighters.

2021 09 08 2NA

2021 09 08 3NA
2021 09 08 4NA
2021 09 08 5NA
Last modified on Sunday, 12 Sep 2021 09:59
2021 09 04 1NA

Department of Dubai Civil Defense its participation activities in Dubai Summer Surprises event 2021, hosted at Mudehesh World at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), which was ended on 28 of August. (583) children were benefited from the Junior Firefighter event conducted as part of the DSS activities.

Conducted activities include a number of educational and entertainment, which the junior firefighters have interacted well w and firmly with, particularly in awareness, guidance aspects and was reflected in their passion in answering safety contest’s questions.

The children have demonstrated their admiration to fire and rescue men job’s nature introductory items, and its associated risks, which encompassing interactive explanation and portraying their sacrifices, in addition to a detailed explanation of fire and safety instructions and practical steps to deal with e different types of fire emergencies, and ways to use domestic firefighting apparatuses.

The children also painted creative safety issues pictures reflecting wide imagination scope, and deep understanding of safety topics.

Director of Government Communication Department Major Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Al Shengiti emphasized that DCD’S participation in DSS comes under community partnership concept, aiming to enhance fire safety and security awareness and education amongst community sectors, to become part of their behavior, confirming that children sector constitutes the most important pillar of the society, as future innovation and knowledge sustainability depend entirely on them.

2021 09 04 2NA

2021 09 04 3NA
2021 09 04 4NA
Last modified on Sunday, 05 Sep 2021 10:07
2021 08 29 1NA

Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defense has celebrated UAE Women’s Day, an occasion that falls on 28 of August of every year. As part of the celebration ceremony, the Women team at the Department of Government Communication has distributed symbolic trophies to DCD’S working women at their different offices at headquarters, fire stations, and Emirates Academy for Civil Defense in Al Aweer.

In the same respect, Mrs. Afaf Jassim Al Muhairi, Director of Strategy and Future Department and Chairperson of Al Maha Women Committee (AWC), at Dubai Civil Defense emphasized that celebrating such occasion every year aims to embed the position of the country as a pioneering role model in Women empowering move as an effective partner in the sustainable development process and its battle-axes for taking off towards the future.

 She (Lady Afaf) also explained that Dubai Civil Defense is keen to empower women and to interact positively with all the issues that enhancing its position and leading role.

2021 08 29 2NA

2021 08 29 3NA

2021 08 29 4NA
2021 08 29 5NA
2021 08 29 6NA
2021 08 29 7NA
Last modified on Monday, 30 Aug 2021 09:00
2021 08 22 1NA

Based on the ongoing cooperation between Dubai Civil Defense and National Program for Emergency Response (SANID), Civil Protection Department – Volunteer Section - at Dubai Civil Defense has concluded the basic training course designated to train SANID program’s volunteers on firefighting equipment and apparatuses.

The organized training course aims at enhancing response readiness during the crisis, disasters, and emergencies, raising the skills and competency of volunteers on how to use Civil Defense equipment, to efficiently support fire and rescue teams at the times of emergencies, as per the best international applied and practical practices.

The course comprises theoretical and practical drills and is set to train 100 volunteers, two sessions every week for one month. One should focus on providing them with the necessary and basic information and procedures followed during accidents situations and preventive skills.

Major Hamadan Hamed Al Suweidi, Director of Civil Protection Department emphasized that conducted course comes within the framework of cooperation between and SANID, to activate volunteers’ role and employing their capabilities within emergency response program, in such a way that society resilient and emergency response efforts are enhanced.

2021 08 22 2NA

2021 08 22 3NA


Last modified on Sunday, 22 Aug 2021 09:38
2021 08 17 1NA

Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department Captain Eisa Ahmed Khorshid Al Mutawaa and Director of Human Resources Department have received at Dubai Civil Defense GHQ premises, Mr. Fadi RizgAllah Operations Director of Al TADAWI medical centers, where both parties have discussed the ways of cooperation and how agreements signed between their two entities in the medical and services fields can be implemented, means of strengthening cooperation and executing set protocols to delivering best medical and treatment services to DCD’S employees at Al TAWADI clinics, organizing medical awareness workshops, and participating in annual medical events.

Al Matrooshi praised the strategic partner in the medical field, its valued services rendered, including all medical diagnoses, consultations, and treatment prescriptions, within the seamless and quick journey, stressing Dubai Civil Defense authority under the commandership of H.E. Lt-Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi cares much about employees and their family's health care issues, as part of its dedication to providing them with the best possible medical care, fostering work productivity so that DCD’S goals are to serve properly.



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