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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 11:26

Fire and Rescue Sector

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The sector manages fire and rescue operations across the emirate of Dubai, also sets human resources and technical equipment’s developmental and operational plans as well as ensuring their readiness at all times, and employ the latest digital technologies as per global competitiveness standards to ensure fire and rescue best applications are efficiently and effectively achieved. Sector undertakes also the responsibility of geographical allocation of fire stations to meet the safety requirements in Dubai emirate, in the light of analyzing reality requirements and according to future reshaping vision. Also, manages the smart electronic (Command and Control) room in a most professional and pioneering way.

Wednesday, 05 May 2021 11:17

Governance and Strategy Sector

Written by

Governance and Strategy Sector

                         The sector of Governance and Strategy is tasked with preparing and developing the strategy of the General administration, as part of Dubai Government and Ministry of Interior vision, future reshaping, working also to implement excellence and quality systems in the General Administration and across its other formations, as well as participating in local and federal excellence awards, to achieve strategic goals and make sure that all departments and formations are committed implementing the orders and directives in a most efficient and effective way, through sustainable monitoring role and workflow surveillance mechanisms.

                        In addition to, dedication to keeping Communications channels between Civil Defence and the customers always open and transparent, fostering areas of media connectivity, partnership, and developing its digital tools and fields with different public and private entities, as well as other community segments.

Monday, 08 Feb 2021 11:29

Smart Systems Department

Written by

The Smart Systems Department takes the responsibility of supervising the provision of an integrated system of smart services to the public in it,s various segments, according to the best international practices in information and communication technology, while providing comprehensive operational support, in line with the strategy of the Dubai Smart Government.

To achieve these goals, Dubai Civil Defense launched a number of applications which meet the requirements of all customers, ensuring direct and easy communication channels round the clock, to accomplish all the transactions remotely.

Monday, 08 Feb 2021 11:14

Information Technology Department

Written by

This department responsible for providing all the civil defense needs of technical systems, software, and electronic security, and provides technical support to all employees. It is responsible for preparing studies, recommendations, specifications, and contracts for information technology, and technical applications, managing networks, and their security developing technical systems and applications, ensuring their maintenance to improve workflow and complete the tasks.

Monday, 08 Feb 2021 11:10

Communication Systems Department

The department tasks are mainly to provide information technology systems, programs, electronic services, and communication services for the General-Directorate and its formations, secure the information network, provide electronic services for employees and customers, working to update electronic programs to keep pace with developments in the field of civil defense, as well as supervise wireless network services, approving the quality, setting standards and infrastructure for Systems Communications in the DCD.

Monday, 08 Feb 2021 10:54

Civil Defence Training Department

Written by

Civil Defence Academy main task is to develop human capital in order to raise employees’ functional efficiency, within an integrated framework comprises current and future programs and plans, in such a way that Ministry of Interior and Dubai Government Human Resources department objectives are achieved, keeping path with work requirements variable challenges, based on the pure fact that training leads always to impart of technical and practical knowledge, enabling the employee to face any challenges imposed  by the cognitive acceleration within the work environment.

Sunday, 07 Feb 2021 12:41

Financial Affairs Department

Written by

This Department concerned with managing and organizing the financial affairs related to the functions of the Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defense, in accordance with the competent authorities in the Civil Defense Leadership and the Ministry of Interior, preparing the estimated budgets, follow up, and implementing them. Also, it works on applying the approved financial policies, systems, and procedures, following up and submitting the annual expenditure reports and preparing the final account, and developing studies to develop the necessary suggestions for the self-revenue of Dubai Civil Defense.

Sunday, 07 Feb 2021 12:39

Services & Supplies Department

Written by

This department concerned with the preparation of the necessary plans for the administrative affairs of the General-Directorate and its formations and providing the necessary support to enable the departments to achieve the strategic goals.

It plays a major and supportive role in providing logistical support and all the equipment and supplies needs in normal and emergency situations and supervising the construction and maintenance of buildings, controlling the environmental safety, provision of protective equipment, and the completion of all tasks in accordance with the approved administrative plans.

Sunday, 07 Feb 2021 12:38

Human Resources Department

Written by

This Department Focuses on providing human resources according to the needs and formations of the General-Directorate, working on studying the Human Resources budget, preparing plans for the required qualifications, and developing qualified personnel in the field of civil defense to support the achievement of the strategic objectives, and following up on the performance evaluation of employees.

It is also responsible for managing human resources affairs, enhancing organizational capabilities, enabling, attracting, and qualifying the necessary competencies capable of coping with current and future challenges.

Sunday, 07 Feb 2021 12:31

Department of Preventive Safety

The department is tasked with the follow up responsibility to ensure safety measures are soundly implemented in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, also developing such measures in accordance to required efficiency and effectiveness standards. Granting new Licensing or renewal companies existing license, after ensuring they are meeting the applied requirements, also comes under the responsibility of the department. Preventive safety department also conducts scheduled and surprise inspection on different establishments and factories to make sure safety and security measures are in place.

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