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Main and Supportive Operations Development Indicates Strategic Plans Success, Said Maj.Gen.Expert Al Matrooshi

In his comment on Dubai Civil Defence’s  annual report book 2015, Major General Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi confirmed  institutional performance indicators have showed sustainable performance development is moving at steady pace  towards achieving its strategic goals and objectives.. which also means Civil Defence developmental strategic plans  were successfully implemented during last ten years.

“The average response time for all large, , medium and minor accidents achieved was (9.17) minutes, and the average firefighting time recorded was (17.67) minutes, total number of accidents reported was 416, out of which 91.8% was classified as minor, 4.5%  as medium and 2.6% as large”. Al Matrooshi added.

“While the total number of injuries per 100000 of the population  was estimated at 1.42 injuries, accident rate per 100000 of the population was said to be 10.07 persons, incoming calls to operations room was 100% attended  within the expected time frame , transformation of Civil Defence services was 100% done, total number of trained public per 100000 inhabitants  is 10,465 persons and percentage of jobs emiratization  reached 57.82%.” Al Matrooshi noted.  

“ Regarding Smart  preventive services, 65.774 buildings and establishments have been electronically surveyed  to ensure fire and public safety is maintained, smart fire protection devices were installed in 56.921 buildings and establishments, 44.277 buildings and establishments were connected to electronic central operations room as well. 6,729  different alarm reports including fire alarm, reports of elevators not working and reports of fire sensors failure has been received by central operations room since 2008”. He said.

“In 2015 ,757 evacuation drills were conducted for more than 365.443 persons. About 518.206 persons were benefited from the launched community awareness programs. As a part of these program, more than 265 schools have been visited by  awareness teams to implement Khalifa program for students empowerment, covered 41,548 students.

35,661 smart transactions delivered to customers and 418 support messages forwarded to them” AlMatrooshi added.

The average service delivery time at Customers service center achieved is 4.02 minutes and average waiting time achieved is 6.08 minutes, while  total smart transactions carried out is estimated at 35,661 transactions.

Annual report book  contains scientific analysis of ( Address hotel fire),  including  excerpts of honoring ceremony of fire fighters who participated in battling the blaze by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, vice president, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, as well as from H.H. Sheikh Saif Bin  Zayed ALNahyan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior speech at World Government Summit, in which he evaluated firefighter performance. Factors addressed in the analysis were pre accident circumstances, phases of development, challenges faced by firefighters , rescue and evacuation plan, confined and control the fire in a standard time without serious injuries and other factors helped to achieve this result which made the whole world amazed.  

ALMatrooshi Indicated That:

The strategy of Future Civil Defence (Smart Civil Defence) is based on basic pillars, to bring future into present, by implementing integrated system of best practices.. such as:
• Setting interactive plans, variable responsive approaches, innovative methods, advanced means and latest technologies in order to spread innovation culture and giving way to initiative employees to express their creative ideas in a systematic way.
• Working tirelessly to make people happy.. by delivering useful community awareness services across all the categories in the society and workers at different economic, educational, health and service sectors. Ensure all buildings and establishments are fitted with latest electronic fire safety systems and provided with effective firefighting equipments to reassure protection of lives and properties. Implementing supportive services that meet customers and workers satisfaction.
• To achieve 4 minute response time by 2021 for more than 80% of accidents, as compare to response time achieved in 2015.
• Updating approved standards for the three main operations and supportive services to ensure sustainability of best methodologies already achieved in these fields.
• Enhancement of professional training methods for all candidates in accordance with international training curriculums applied in Emirates Academy for Civil Defence Sciences, through daily training programs and conducting evacuation drills to wider sectors of community.
• Enhancing ties with strategic partners in both public and private sectors.
• Utilization of latest technologies in all fundamental and supportive operations to ensure good quality performance, excellent results and customers and employees satisfaction are achieved.

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