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2020 08 27 1NA

 Dubai Civil Defence Directorate General has celebrated UAE Woman Day, which falls on 28th of August of every year, the event was marked under the theme “ Woman is the backbone of the Nation”, which has been approved by Her Highness Shiekhah Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairperson of UAE Women Association,   President of  UAE’S Supreme Council Of Motherhood and Children, and President of Family Development Organization, for the year of preparation of the coming “50 Years”.   

The celebration’s endeavor comes in line with DCD’S effort to imbed the directives of the wise leadership, Upgrade and empower women element in the different professional and occupational levels across the country, and highlighting its significant role in development march, and hailing its achievement. 

Dubai Civil Defence Department reflected during event celebrations, numerous achievements accomplished by Woman, such as assuming high ranks administrative positions, and her efficient contribution in upgrading excellent professional work in DCD’S main and supportive operations.

Major Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, confirmed that celebrating such great occasion depicts our high appreciation towards working Women colleagues, in particular, and UAE women in general, for their valued sacrifices, and praising their demonstrated dedication and sincerity in work.

He also added women have shown a unique competence while steering tough files management, stressing that women element in Dubai Civil Defence is considered an essential partner with man in building, leadership, pioneering, and success achieving process.

2020 08 27 2NA


Last modified on Sunday, 30 Aug 2020 09:22

2020 08 26 1NA

Excellency Jamal Bin Aadid Al Muheiri, assist. Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services at Dubai Civil Defence, and Deputy Chief of Disasters and Crisis Management Executive Committee, in the emirate of Dubai, chaired committee’s routine meeting, held at DCD’S Headquarters, in the presence of H.E Fawziah Hassan Bin Gharib, assist. Undersecretary for Schools Operations sector at Ministry of Education, and in the participation of strategic partner’s committee members from Dubai Police, Dubai Government Media Office, Dubai Ambulance, Dubai Health Authority, Permanent Committee of Labor Affairs Dubai, Ministry of Education, Knowledge and Human Resources Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai Municipality, and Emirates Transport.

Issues discussed during the meeting include the main agenda scheduled, reviewing the Ministry of Education and KHDA plans, relevant to precautionary and preventive measures taken, ahead of the new academic year, to mitigate the possibility of spreading Coronavirus, COVID 19, and Pandemic. 

While Lady Fawziah, Ministry of Education assists. Undersecretary for Schools Operations delivered elaborated explanation about plans approved by the ministry, Mr. Marawn Ahmed Al Shihi, Executive Director of Discipline and Responsibilities Control at KHDA demonstrated strategies and measures set by KHDA for the new academic year. 

Bin Aadid stressed that the executive committee of Disasters and Crisis management listened to plans set by both Ministry and KHDA, and discussed its various pivotal points, aiming at achieving a safe educational environment for students, raising safety and protection levels, and fostering academic year stability.

He also indicated that meeting participants have discussed all potential challenges, to assure efficient and effective continuity of educational operation in schools, he went on saying we also focused on the importance of students and working team’s commitment towards implementing approve health protocols, social distancing, in classrooms and transportation buses.

Meeting was attended by committee members Sheikh Dr. Majid Abdullah Al Mualla, Section Head of Event at Disasters and Crisis, Dubai Police, Ustaza Alia Al Thieb, Director of Strategic Communication at Dubai Government Media Office, and other committee’s members.

2020 08 26 2NA

2020 08 26 3NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020 09:49

2020 08 24 1NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence Directorate General, has presided a meeting convened to review the digital transformation strategy of main and supportive operations.

The held meeting comes in line with the framework of the efforts set to implement smart programs and initiatives, aiming at achieving comprehensive digital transformation of all DCD’S operations and services delivered to both employees and customers, in a way that compatible with Dubai Smart Government and total digital transformation of governmental transactions to have paperless government by 2020.

Al Matrooshi was briefed during the meeting about the plans of the digital transformation strategy, also reviewed its designs, model, and implementation plans.

He also, gave his directives to the importance to continue in implementing innovative technological solutions, as per the digital services track set to achieve strategic goals.

The convened meeting was attended by Col. Mattran Khalil Darwish, Director of Operations Department, Major. Mohammed Saif Bu Farawsha, Director of General Director Office, Major. Ali Mohammed Al Falasi, Director of Fire Stations Department, 1st.Lt. Eisa Ahmed Al Mutawaa, Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department, Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department, Mr. Eisa Balshalat Director of I.T. Department, and other department’s concerns.



Last modified on Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020 08:43

2020 08 19 1NA

Dubai Civil Defence Department has celebrated the World Humanitarian Day, the event that falls on 19 of August of every year, was marked this year by DCD under the brand “Our Summer is Cool”. Officers and Warrant officers at the Technical Affairs Department have participated with workers in the celebrations set to mark the event, and have distributed commemorative gifts to them, in recognition of valued efforts exerted in different workstreams.

Endeavor to mark the event of Humanitarian work, comes in line with DCD’S trends, strategies and community services, aiming to express its concern demonstrated to the workers, along with other range of celebrating programs and successful initiatives set to fostering productivity, as well as instilling the values of positivity and happiness.

Col. Sulaiman Abdulkarim Al Bloushi, Director of Technical Affairs Department, has reiterated that, celebrating world Humanitarian Day reveals the values of initiatives, which our wise leadership has adopted, to reflect its concern to improve the different aspects of human life, including health, education and occupational safety to ensure decent life is provided, stressing the role of DCD to entrench these policies across employment categories, by raising various initiatives throughout the year.

While Major. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, indicted also that our celebrations of this International event come in line with DCD’S vision and scope pertaining different employment and community categories, in such a way that connection spirit is enhanced, to serve the national development march and achieve aspirations expected. 

He added, it also expresses the directives of His Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Administration General Director, focusing on the commitment to part take in all humanitarian work and activities, to reflect the noble values deep-rooted in UAE’s society, the pioneering nation in the field of humanitarian initiatives worldwide.

2020 08 19 2NA

2020 08 19 3NA


Last modified on Monday, 24 Aug 2020 08:24

2020 08 17 1NA

During His visit to Dubai Statistics Center, Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, reviewed with Excellency Aarif Obaid Al Muheiri, Center’s Executive Director, the latest services delivered by the Center.

Al Matrooshi was received by the Executive Director, and his deputy Mr. Tariq AL Janahi, and Lady Afaf Bu Oasibah, Director of Economic Statistics Department.

The two parties have discussed ways of cooperation, means of achieving development sustainability in all aspects of the specialty, through exchanging expertise and successful practical experiences, and be acquainted with development supportive work strategies, as well as combing efforts and coordination with other governmental entities.

Al Matrooshi also indicated to the importance of the efforts aiming at developing the work in both departments, through cooperation, experiences partake and mutual support, to reaching best customers’ satisfaction indicators, by improving the services delivered to them, and keeping pace with global latest developments, that come in harmony with directives of our wise leadership.

He stressed on the fact that cooperation among government organizations enhances professional and institutional progress.

 Al Matrooshi was accompanied by a delegation comprising Brig. Rashid Khalifah Al Falasi, assist. Director-General for Smart Services, Major Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, 1st.Lt. Eisa Ahmed Al Mutawa, Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department, and Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muihere Director of Strategy and Future Department.




Last modified on Monday, 24 Aug 2020 08:01

2020 08 13 1NA

DCD, DTCM Discuss Ways of Joint Cooperation during Al Matrooshi Visit

Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, has visited Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department, where he was received by Excellency Halal Saeed Almery, Department’s Director-General.

The visit comes in line with the joint strategic cooperation and integrated work between the two bodies, and to review the best practices and experiences witnessed in the areas of specialty.

The visit includes conducting coordinating meetings, field tours in different sections and departments.

Al Matrooshi praised the valued efforts of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing, and its role in positioning Dubai in the forefront of tourist destinations worldwide and boosting it as a commercial hub, and he went on saying the purpose of this visit to negotiate ways of cooperation with the aim to achieve the vision set to prepare appropriate circumstances to boost the outcomes which satisfy community aspirations, in a way that anticipated goals are achieved,  which clearly reflect the role of national institutions in providing the required needs in public services, that assure community expected interests are achieved.

Al Matrooshi was accompanied by a delegation comprising Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid Al Muiheiri, assist. Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services. Brig. Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, assist. Director-General for Smart Services, Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, assist. Director-General for Fire and Rescue, Major Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shangaiti, Director of Government Communication Department, 1st. Lt. Eissa Ahmed Al Mutawaa, Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department and Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muiheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department.

Attendees from Dubai Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department include Mr. Isam Abdulla Rahim Kazim, Executive Director, Mr. Ahmed Al Falasi, Executive Director of Investment, Corporate, and Mr. Ahmed Al khajah, Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Festivals and Retail.

2020 08 13 2NA


Last modified on Sunday, 16 Aug 2020 12:20

2020 08 11 1NA

Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, has witnessed the ceremony of signing medical services delivery joint agreement inked between Dubai Civil Defence and Altadawi Medical Centre, one of pioneering health care service provider in Dubai. 

The agreement was signed by Brig. Jamal Bin Aaded ALMuehiri, assist. Of Civil Defence Director General for Resources and Supportive Services and Mr Marwan Ibrahim Nasser, executive director of Altadawi Medical Centre (AMC), in the presence of Brig. Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, assist. Director-General for Smart Services and Brig. Expert Ali Hasan Al Mutawaa, assist. Director-General for Fire and Rescue. 

According to the signed agreement, AMC will provide the required medical services to DCD’S staff and their families, all other services that covered by health insurance without burden on beneficiaries’ side, organizing medical camps and routine workshops to spread health awareness and medical culture, providing ambulatory Clinic (for critical cases), while DCD allows the Centre to utilize halls and meeting rooms, and available equipment and apparatuses to organize medical events.  

Bin Aadid emphasized that Dubai Civil Defence strive to provide qualitative and advanced medical services, in accordance to best known international standards, to meet the different medical needs of its working staff, as per the directives of Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Al Matrooshi, the Director-General, who places the DCD’S staff and their families health on the top DCD’S priorities and strategic trends, to ensure happiness and positivity indicators are enhanced, and contributing in increasing productivity.

He also praised AMC management’s efforts to maintain effective and fruitful cooperation and cementing the ties between the two bodies and went to say Altadawi Medical Centre is considered an advanced and sophisticated Centre that provides state of the art medical services across UAE.

He also confirmed that this agreement assures all DCD’S employees obtain the medical services delivered by the Centre as per the highest standards globally approved in the health sector.


Last modified on Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020 08:34

2020 08 10 1NA

Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawaa, assist. Director-General for Fire and Rescue, at Dubai Civil Defence, has reviewed the initiatives, achievements, and plans of the Hazardous Materials team, during the routine meeting chaired by him.

Al Mutawaa listened also to a detailed briefing from Col. Mattran Khalil, head of the team, about initiatives and practical steps been taken since the team was formed, identifying declared tasks and operational plans, set to fostering safety measures, protecting lives and properties.

Brig. Ali also emphasized that the team undertakes huge tasks and responsibilities across the emirate of Dubai, most notably is monitoring all the aspects that relate to Hazardous materials management, transportation and storage, safety precautions and workers personal protecting equipment (PPE), way of combating fires, if breaks out, and finally an assessment of risks in the establishments which deal with the Haz-Mat.

He indicated that the team works to prepare all the necessary steps which enhancing safe dealing with the hazardous materials, according to related information system, providing all data based on their physical and chemical properties and the relevant statistical data, in cooperation with strategic partners and other related entities, in order to enhance and booster the safety requirements in Dubai, as per the latest standards globally applied.


Last modified on Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020 09:33

2020 08 06 1NA

Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, Executive Director of Dubai Maritime City Authority, has visited Dubai Civil Defense Headquarters, where he was received by Director General Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi.

The visit comes in line with the framework of cooperation, which enhances Dubai Government corporation’s services, exchanging practical successful experiences and expertize amongst them that ultimately contribute in improving all the services and positively affect customers’ happiness, by saving time and energy in satisfying their needs and aspirations in most efficient and professional way. 

Sheikh Saeed and the accompanying delegation were fully briefed about DCD’S strategic plan, and how it deals elastically with the variables in accordance to reality and emergencies, he reviewed latest command and control technologies applied in central operations room, their role in achieving fast response time within international set standard. 

Al Matrooshi noted that, Sheikh Ahmed has reviewed the best practices and applications and standard operating procedures (SOP’S) implemented by DCD in its main and supportive operations, and associated programs and preventive measures set for protecting lives and properties.

He also learned about activities and means which DCD use to combat fires, futuristic plans set to employ accelerators and Artificial Intelligence in fire and rescue field, a s part of its move to reshaping the future and keeping pace with global changes. 

Commemorative   shields were exchange, in the end of the visit, in recognition of extended professional relations and cementing cooperation ties in fields of specialty. 

Attending the meeting were Brig. Jamal Bin Aaded, assist. Director General for Resources and Supportive services, Brig. Rashid Khalifah Al Falasi, assist. Director General for Smart Services, Brig. Ali Hassan Al Mutawai, assist Director General for Fire and rescue and Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri.

Sheikh Ahmed was accompanied by Eng. Mohammed Ali Al Bastaki, Director of Maritime Berthing Operations Department and Mr. Abdullah Bin Touq Director of Inspection Department.

2020 08 06 2NA



Last modified on Sunday, 09 Aug 2020 08:43

2020 07 27 1NA

Col. Matrran Khalil Darwish, Operations Department Director at Dubai Civil Defence, has chaired the first meeting of Hazardous Materials team, held at DCD’S HQ, in which a number of issues were reviewed including main business agenda, distributing tasks among members, and discussing the operational plan, as well as time frame scheduled to implement set objectives. 

The team is tasked with preparing a comprehensive study for Hazardous Materials warehouses in the emirate of Dubai and submit for approval, preparing awareness topic materials, organizing workshops via social media and smart technologies channels for different community sectors, setting professional advanced mechanism to deal with Hazardous materials, in a way that ensures Dubai Police support during emergencies, also working to provide a complete envision to the higher committee for Crisis and Disasters management,  revealing strategic partners capabilities in dealing with hazardous materials, based on coordination and exchanging information with them.

Mattran also noted that the team started implementing the assigned tasks, with reviewing Haz-Mat classifications and lists, related management procedures in Dubai, discussing safety measures to ensure a maximum level of protection is provided for the community against Haz-Mat potential hazards.

He emphasized that the directives set by H. E. Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, enhances cooperation and joint work with concerned entities to achieve Haz-Mat integrated management in the emirate of Dubai, which greatly facilitates its management and control in different organizational stages, and achieve rapid response during emergencies.


Last modified on Tuesday, 28 July 2020 09:48
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