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2021 01 07 1NA

The General Directorate of Dubai Civil Defense, Department of Strategy and the Future, held a workshop entitled. "Future innovations" for public administration sectors, at the conference hall of the World Trade Center, in the presence of managers of departments and fire stations.

The workshop comes within the strategic plans of the DCD to anticipate the future and adopt innovations and pioneering projects in the specialized field, and in implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, "may God protect him", to intensify national efforts and enhance integration and coordination at all levels to define Future trends and offering innovations and creative initiatives in preparation for the next fifty years.

During the Workshop, Mrs. Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department, reviewed the most important proposals and pioneering business models in the Civil Defense, identifying the added value and ideas of all innovations and linking them to the strategic plan and achieving global competitiveness and leadership at the level of all indicators.

Mrs. Afaf Al Muheiri confirmed that the workshop reflects the directions of DCD, led by His Excellency Major General. Expert. Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, in implementing the National Agenda and consolidating unique initiatives in the field of fire and rescue, in order to achieve excellence and professionalism.

She indicated that the workshop dealt with many new ideas and initiatives to keep pace with the immediate and future goals according to our ambitious strategic plans, in line with global innovations and inventions that serve humanity and contribute to its happiness and well-being.

2021 01 07 2NA

2021 01 07 3NA
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2020 12 31 1NA

The General Directorate of Civil Defense in Dubai wishes you a Happy New Year

2020 12 31 2NA

2020 12 31 3NA
2020 12 31 4NA
2020 12 31 5NA
2020 12 31 6NA
Last modified on Sunday, 03 Jan 2021 09:26
2020 12 21 1111NA

Dubai Civil Defense Department has concluded its campaign launched by the Department of Civil Protection – Public Health Section in association with the Ministry of Health and Community Prevention, and the Dubai Health Authority to vaccinate DCD’S personnel frontline and workers at Headquarters and Fire Centers, as per timeframe set. The campaign comes as part of the framework of enhancing preventive aspect and raising awareness about the importance of getting the seasonal FLU vaccination to avoid its negative implications, confirming the necessity of having the vaccination to prevent getting the FLU and COVID 19 at the same time.

The Campaign focuses on providing the employees with all the necessary consultations, advice, and awareness directives, which help to maintain your health and public safety.

Captain Hamadan Hamad Al Suwaidi, Director of Civil Protection Department, described the successful efforts put forward to vaccinate the frontline and employees against seasonal FLU as an important task to protect them from diseases, facing all the possibilities of spreading this virus during Winter season, in a way that enabling them to play their prescribed national role in protecting lives and properties, enhancing the efforts exerted by Ministry of Health along with Dubai Health Authority to raise health education level through vaccination campaigns and different health programs, which will lead to creating healthy society ensuring safety and security of its members, praising their role in fostering communicable diseases protection system,  developing the health system as per latest global indicators.

He indicated that DCD is very keen to keep abreast with the latest developments concerning health aspects due to its importance, as they lead to achieve best readiness levels, to serve the nation and society, emphasizing in the same time to positive responding from all sectors towards the campaign.

2020 12 21 3333NA

2020 12 21 6666NA


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2020 12 21 111NA

Dubai Civil Defense player 1st Corporal Omer Mohammed Al Hammadi, who participated in Ajman Aquathlon contest, in its first edition, organized by Ajman Tourism Development Authority in association with Emirates Aquathlon Society, Aquathlon, at Al Zawraa district, was placed first, in “Super Sprint” stage, including locals and ex-pats, while 1st Corporal Marwan Al Hammadi, was placed in the second place of local category, and in the third-place across the contest for both categories.

Aquathlon race contest for Local amateur categories includes (200-meter distance swimming and 1.2 km running), an Aquathlon super sprint contest for Locals categories includes (500-meter distance swimming and 2.5 Km running), while aquathlon sprint for Local categories includes ( 1klm swimming and 5 Km running). Expats amateur categories contest includes (200-meter swimming and 1.5 km running), and ex-pats aquathlon super sprint included (500-meter swimming and 2.5 Km running), ex-pats aquathlon sprint included (1 Km swimming and 5 Km running).

Lt. Mohammed Khalifah Bin Goleitah, head of the Physical Fitness section, emphasized that DCD participation reflects its keenness to part take p in different sports initiatives, being the main element that contributes to fire and rescue personnel readiness sustainability, to tackle his duties in the most appropriate way.

He also indicated that participation comes to activate the effective connectivity with other government departments and private organizations, contribute to making community and developmental initiatives successful, and activating the activities which fostering community happiness and prosperity indicators.

2020 12 21 2221NA

2020 12 21 333NA


Last modified on Monday, 21 Dec 2020 11:26
2020 12 21 11NA

Major Fahad Al Bisheri, Deputy Director of Etihad Fire and Rescue Station, follow –up the implementation of the DCD plan, set to secure Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which was organized by Dubai Festivals and Retails Corporation and inaugurated today at “Park Tower” in its 26 edition, and will conclude in 30 of January 2021. 

DCD’S squads and teams re-tasked with the mission of securing the Festival’s associated events and activities, in association with the Dubai Events Security Committee, held at Dubai Opera, Dubai World Trade Center, Al Seif Souq, and other locations.

Al Bisheri, stressed that Dubai Civil Defense plays a pivotal role in securing events and activities organized in the emirate of Dubai, working also to provide the highest safety and security standards, to ensure development sustainability and community prosperity. 

Major Al bisheri was accompanied by Lt. Bader Al Jaber, head of the Events Security Section.

2020 12 21 55NA

Last modified on Monday, 21 Dec 2020 10:38
2020 12 21 1NA

His Excellency Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid Al Muheiri acting Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, presided in the presence of H.E. Brig. Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, assist. Director General for Smart Services, a meeting to review special arrangements taken to secure the events and activities associated with New Year 2021 celebrations, in emirate of Dubai, which are proposed to take place at Burj Khalifa, Dubai Festival, Jumeriah, Bab AL Shams Hotel and Resort, Global Village and other selected venues, in a way that ensure highest safety and security indictors of the audience are in place.

Brig. Bin Aadid approved safety and security plan set by Fire and safety Sector and other supporting sectors, identifying fire vehicles and apparatuses routes to assure tasks are implemented quickly, ensuring complete readiness of specialized units and squads, which observing highest international requirements in the area of specialty.

He confirmed all the required preparations to ensure safety and security during New Year 2021 celebrations are completed, as the event is highly valued by the public, and the position, which Dubai occupies worldwide, stressing that DCD always takes into consideration all the special directives and steps for securing the event and protecting lives and properties.

Bin Aadid urges the public to comply with the set instructions and directives and to cooperate with official entities, so event will be conducted seamlessly in atmosphere full of joy and happiness, to enhance UAE position, especially Dubai in organizing and hosting such international event according to highest indicators recognized globally. 

He also indicated that DCD has performed strategic drill at Burj Khalifa venue to test the readiness, in association with the strategic partners in Dubai Police, Dubai Ambulance and EMMAR, aiming at fostering the efficiency and performance participating teams and units, and confirming high alert and readiness to professionally dealing with potential risks.

Meeting was attended by Col. Expert Feras Bal Hassa, Acting Assist. Director General for Fire and Rescue Affairs, Major Ameer Ahmed Al Deesi, Acting Director of Operations department, Major Ali Hassan Al Ahamedi, Director of Etihad Fire Station, Major Omer Mubarak Bal Jaffleh, Head of Crisis and Disasters Section at Operations Department, and concerns from other departments.

2020 12 21 2NA

2020 12 21 3NA


Last modified on Monday, 21 Dec 2020 09:56
gitex2020 participants
His Excellency Maj.Gen.Dr. Jassim ALMarzouqi, UAE Civil Defense General Commander in Chief, visited Dubai Civil Defense Stand at GITEX 2020, at the end of exhibition events, held at Dubai World Trade Center, where he was received by Brig. Rashid Khalifa AlFalasi, assist. Director General of Dubai Civil Defense for Smart Services.

During his visit, ALMarzouqi reviewed “Smart Services” application recently launched by Dubai Civil Defense, and its role in enhancing DCD’S strategy for utilizing accelerators, latest technologies and unique innovations, to delivering integrated services that assure customer satisfaction.

He (ALMarzouqi) praised DCD’S positive participation, and its dedication to keep abreast with latest technologies applied in main and supportive operations, emphasizing their big role in raising DCD”S efficiency and effectiveness across the country.

He was accompanied by Col. Mohammed Abdullah ALtakawi, Director of Media Department at Headquarters, and Lt.Col Faisal Abdullah ALShehi, Deputy Director of Fire Department.
On other respect, Brig. Rashid AlFalasi met with His Excellency Mansur Juma Bu Asiba, Executive Director of NEDDA Foundation, and directors of concerned departments accompanied him during his visit to NEDDA Stand, where he reviewed the sophisticated projects and initiatives and their keeping pace with global developments.

In the same context, AlFalasi, visited also RTA Stand, accompanied by Major Obie ALMansuri, Deputy Director of Operations department and Mr. Essa BALshalat, I.T.Department Director.
Worthmenting that Dubai Civil Defence was honored by His Excellency Mr. Yuons AL Nasser, assist. Director General of “Dubai Smart” and Executive Director of Dubai DATA Corporation and His Excellency Wisam Lottah Executive Director of Dubai Smart Corporation  among other institutions who took part in GITEX 2020 Technology Week, in recognition of their valued roles to make the event successful one.
Last modified on Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 11:33
للعمل بنظام "البلوك تشن"  الدفاع المدني بدبي وشركة دو يوقعان مذكرة تفاهم على هامش فعاليات جيتكس 2020
In line with the vision of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and the interests of H.H.Sheikh Hamadan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and the President of Executive Council, to shaping Dubai’s role in the future of global technology through active companies with different organizations across the world, and relying on future technologies such as AI, robots and Block chain system, to change the human life to a better one, Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid ALMuheiri, acting Director of Dubai Civil Defense Department  has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Emirates Integrated Communications Company ( EITC) Known as DU , represented by Mr. Farid Faredwani, Executive Director Innovation and New Business at the company, to put Block Chain system into operational, MOU was signed at the sideline of GITEX 2020 Exhibition, held in DWTC, which was opened in Dec. 6 and will conclude on December 10.

MOU was signed at the presence of H.E. Brig. Rashid Khalifa AlFalasi, assist. Director General for Smart Services.

Signed MOU dictates automation of commercial transactions, exchange of Data and full payment settlement, and integration with unified network for registering business registration at all Dubai free zones, through Block Chain Edge, which DU uses to provide seamless digital solutions providing companies, individuals and government entities with an opportunity to participate in supporting Block Chain Strategy 2021 in UAE, and Dubai paperless strategy.

Brig.Jamal hailed the efforts exerted that led to signing the MOU, resulted in “Block Chain” platform provided by DU, enabling us to come closer of achieving the wise leadership vision regarding Smart Government for making Dubai becomes more digitalized and happiest city, this project will improve the image of Dubai as pioneering smart economy worldwide, in such a way that match full digital transformation strategy.

For his part, Mr. Faredwani emphasized that MOU stresses our readiness to support Government entities to achieve sustainable success, by utilizing Bloch Chain system technology, DCD spares no efforts to serve the nation and providing better life for all.
Last modified on Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 11:40
خلال جولته في معرض جيتكس 2020  العميد خبير علي المطوع يطلع على منصتي نداء والأمن الإلكتروني
His Excellency Brig.Expert Ali Hassan ALMutawa, assist. Director General of Dubai Civil Defense for Fire and Rescue Affairs Department accompanied by Major Dr. Ahmed Yusuf ALShengiti, Director of Government Communication have visited a number of government and renowned private companies stands, participating in GITEX 2020 in its 40 th edition, been inaugurated in Dubai World Trade Center on December 6.

He (Brig.Expert Ali) discussed with officials, experts and specialists of different areas of technology, the latest digital technologies, the would change the pattern of life in the planet Earth, and their positive impact over various services delivered by all institutions each on its specific specialization, based on its own serving sector.
He also reviewed world – class technologies and applications demonstrated at Dubai Electronic Security (DES) and NEDAA Corporation stands, praising the services they offer, and the technological progress they witnessed.

Ali emphasized that GITEX2020 technology week represents the prominent technological event that attracts attention, and the broad-based platform of displaying rapid development of digital technology, where 5G,robots, VR and enhanced reality, business pioneering and Block chain technologies are hosted.

He indicated that DCD’S participation by introducing its “Smart Services “ official application reflects the development seen its delivered services to workers and customers, keeping abreast with latest technologies in all main and supportive operations, utilization of accelerators and artificial intelligence in specialty field, in order to implement the directive of our wise leadership set to keep pace with technological development and digital transformation in all services, working to turn Dubai into utmost smarter city, and which was reflected positively as well in raising professionalism of DCD’s operations and enhancing performance indicators in general terms.
Last modified on Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 09:18
His Excellency Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid, acting Director General of Dubai civil Defense has reviewed latest innovations, modern technologies and smart digital services unleashed by Government departments and international institutions, which are participating in GITEX 2020, taking place at Dubai World Trade Center from 6- 10 Dec.
gitex 2020 2
During his visit to Security Industries Pavilion (SIP), Brig. Jamal discussed latest changes seen globally in the field of technologies, with His Excellency Khalifa Ibrahim ALsalias, Executive Director of Security Industries Organization; He also reviewed pavilion contents and praised the quality and efficiency of services provided.

He also visited Dubai Statistics Center Stand, where he met with His Excellency Mr. Tariq ALJanahi, deputy Executive Director, and discussed together the ways of cooperation in the field of modern and advanced technologies.

His third leg visit was to Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, where he was briefed about work development changes, which the corporation went through to keep pace with efforts set to raise efficiency level in professional field.

Brig. Jamal was accompanied by Major Dr. Ahmed Yusuf ALShengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, Major Ismail ALRais and Captain Hamadan ALSawidi, Director of Civil Protection Department.

In the same respect, DCD’S pavilion received delegations representing public and private organizations, experts and specialists in different technological areas, to review the experience of applying “Smart Services” designed according to international quality standards.
Last modified on Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 09:18
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