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2020 02 01 2NA

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the #UAE Innovation Month will run on February 1-29, 2020, under the theme "The UAE Innovates in Preparation for the Next 50 Years".


Last modified on Sunday, 02 Feb 2020 08:33

2020 01 30 1NA

Director-General of Dubai Civil Defense, His Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, has visited Dubai Center for Autism and was received by Mr. Mohammed Al Aamadi Center’s General Director.

 Al Matrooshi had a tour in different sections of the center, and reviewed medical services, educational programs, and facilities, which are equipped and fitted, as per the latest international specialized standards, to satisfy the needs of kids who suffer from autism.

He admired the level, which the center has reached, and praised the services delivered and the role it plays within the region, as well as its efforts in introducing autism, symptoms and suitable ways to deal with victims.

He also hailed the center keenness to support children of autism issues.

Gen. Al Matrooshi was honored at the end of his visit by Mohammed Al Aamadi, who has also praised his societal role and sincere efforts as DCD’s Director to achieve accomplishments in the area of specialty.

 Al Matrooshi was accompanied by Maj. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shegiti, Director of Government Communication Department and Mrs. Afaf Jassim Al Meheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department.

2020 01 30 2NA

2020 01 30 5NA

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2020 01 29 1NA

Emirates safety Laboratory execution follows up a committee has held its first meeting, chaired by Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department, which meant to set integrated plan to execute the agreement signed between Dubai Civil Defense and Emirates Safety Laboratory and tuning governing ties between two entities to achieve strategic goals. Issues reviewed during convened meetings include, agreement team, follows up plan, task distribution among committee members in legal, financial and technical aspects. Meeting attended by committee members and concerns bodies from other departments

Last modified on Monday, 10 Feb 2020 13:21

2020 01 28 1NA

Gen. Al Matrooshi Receives Commercial Advisor at Denmark Consulate General – Dubai 

Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense has received at his office, Mr. Jonas Nelson, Commercial Advisor of Denmark Consulate General at Dubai and Energy Sector Commander at the Middle East and North Africa.

Both parties discussed ways of cooperation in the Dubai Civil Defense area of specialty, detailed explanation of the requirements for approving Denmark fire products in UAE.

Meeting was attended by Brig. Rashid Khalifah, assist. Director-General for Smart Services, Mr. Jonas Ladivogid, assist. Commercial advisor, Ms. Hanan Al Ghiwan, Commercial Advisor, Environment & Water Solutions Field, and Yasmin Gad Allah Government Relations Officer.

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020 08:16

2020 01 27 1NA

Under the auspicious of Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Civil Defense GHQ has honored its strategic partners, as part of the annual forum for honoring strategic partners held at “Inter-Continental Hotel”. 40 entities of strategic partners, representing the public, private sector, and Media persons were honored.

Honoring ceremony includes a number of Government entities senior officials and Directors Generals and other authority’s representatives, who are considered by DCD as main supporters for its goals, strategic and operational plans, institutional excellence, international leadership, and services development system for 2019.

Ceremony event was attended by Ho’s able Abdulrahman Saleh AL Saleh Director General Of Department of Finance Government of Dubai, Excellency Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ahmed AL Marri, Director General of  Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai, Excellency Ahmed Mahboub Musabh, Director of Dubai Customs, Excellency Mohammed Abdullah Ahli, Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Excellency Khalifah Bin Drai Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance  Services, Excellency Mansur Juma Bu Asibba, Executive Director of  Specialized Communications Corporation” NADDA”, Excellency Marwan Bin Goliath, Executive Director of  Real-estate Regulatory Corporation (RERA), Excellency Jamal Al Hai, Dubai Airports Vice President, Dr. Mansur Al Awar, President of “Hamadan Bin Mohammed Smart University” and Juma Bin Hamidan, Deputy Director of Land Department.  

In his delivered speech, Al Matrooshi warmly welcomed the esteemed gathering, emphasizing that, they represent a successful partnership of Dubai civil Defense in various services it delivers to customers and employees.

Al Matrooshi also confirmed, annual forum, this year, coincides with the year of preparations for the upcoming 50 years, through which we seek to instill our wise leadership vision and support it with plans and one team spirit to achieve goals and objectives, stressing DCD’s forum aiming at developing joint work with partners, enhancing projects and initiatives, which contribute in sustainable development process in all of its sectors, in line with Dubai strategic plan and achieving highest standards of services delivered to partners and customers.

He denoted also to Dubai Civil Defense dedication to achieve wise leadership vision, by providing best safety and security standards, protecting lives and properties, derived from the major and important role of responding to challenges, working to instill the spirit of occupational responsibility, in association with other concerned entities, and be inspired by a role model that corresponds to the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice- President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, about the importance of work and sacrifice which leads to entrench and interlacing Government entities and private organizations efforts to achieve Emirates  Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021.

Gen. Al Matrooshi has honored Dubai Government Entities Directors Generals and Executives, while Brig. Rashid, and assist. Director-General for smart services honored strategic partners from the private sector and Brig. Li Hassan, assist. Director-General for Fire and Rescue honored Media Personnel, strategic partners.

2020 01 27 2NA

2020 01 27 3NA

2020 01 27 4NA

2020 01 27 5NA

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020 12:20

2020 01 26 1NA

In the presence of Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, “Future Ideas Raising” workshop was conducted at Nad Alshiba Fire & Rescue Center, involving Mawakib PVT School students in Khwaneej.

The move comes as part of the second edition of “Youth City’s Builders” championship, which aims to involve Dubai Schools Students, age’s category “11-18” in current and future Government services improvement process, by raising their ideas and suggestions, under direct supervision of City builders’ team, affiliated to Dubai Government Executive Council. 

Al Matrooshi emphasized that listening to youngsters ideas, help to create new reality full of opportunities, challenges and new skills, also enhances Government trends to have more bright and advanced future, we discussed with them innovative and development ideas, which can be employed in the future and ways to improve them.

He praised City Builders’ team initiative in ensuring sustainability in different areas and now gives golden chance to the youth to developmental capacities and innovative aspects in order to contribute to development sustainability.

Other participants involved were Brig. Rashid Khalifah, assist. Director-General for Smart Services, Brig. Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, assist. Director-General for Fire & Rescue, Maj. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, Mrs. Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department, Lt. Majid Sultan, head of Policies and Studies and Lady Lamia Al Muheiri, City Builders team member Major-General-Rashid-Al-Matrooshi-shares-future-ideas-with-young-people.

2020 01 26 3NA

2020 01 26 5NA

2020 01 26 6NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 09:40

2020 01 22 11NA

Hon’ able Ohood Al Raoomi, state minster for Happiness and wellbeing and director General of Cabinet Ministers Presidency Office, has participated in launching “You Are Our Wealth” Campaign, which aims to enhance Civil Defense heroes’ wellbeing. The initiative also aiming at providing the highest standards of psychological health of 1400 firemen, besides improving their wellbeing state, by organizing 50 specialized training sessions in 2020.

2020 01 22 22NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 12:32

2020 01 21 11NA

Sheikh Saif Al Qasimi, Director of Fire & Safety Authority Sharjah, reviewed the “Early Intervention Unit” a fire vehicle launched by Dubai Civil Defense Department, at its Stand in INTERSEC 2020, in its 22th edition, during visiting the Stand, accompanied by Col. Sami Khamis Al Naqabi, Director General of Sharjah Civil Defense GHQ. Visiting delegation was received by Col. Suleiman Abdulkarim AlBloushi, Director of Technical Affairs Department, who have fully illustrated them about vehicle specifications and ability to combat fires in hilly areas, desert, tunnels, and beaches. He also explained the Dubai Civil Defense efforts to ensure fire and rescue sector development sustainability.

2020 01 21 33NA

Last modified on Thursday, 13 Feb 2020 11:11

2020 01 21 1NA

 During the “ fire protection” conference, which was held on the sideline of INTERSECT 2020 exhibition activities, Eng. Salma Hamid Saeed, head of Drawings section at Dubai Civil Defense GHQ, has presented a working paper branded “Safety & Security Precautions at EXPO 2020”.

 In which, She focuses on the importance of EXPO 2020 at the international and Middle east levels, and the role it plays in current and future aspects, in virtue of wise leadership directives, which extends its support limitlessly and framing policies that bring UAE in forefront of International indicators.

It also addresses Dubai Civil Defense efforts as the main support of the EXPO 2020 initial stages, including studying initial drawings, reviewing safety issues details, providing consultations and required support for obtaining final approval.

Salma also indicated that DCD is committed under the leadership of Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Al Matrooshi, implement in cooperation with its strategic partners, all capabilities, abilities and accumulated experiences needed to make such global event a successful one, and substantially contribute to converting the dream into a reality. 

She added, DCD has adopted the latest international safety standards to execute EXPO 2020 temporary and permanent projects, which will ensure the highest safety and security levels, considering the movement of fire engines and apparatuses, to achieve the best response time, estimated at 4 minutes, during emergencies.

Eng. Salma has demonstrated through the interactive show, the flexibility of apparatuses movement from DCD’s fire stations based in the EXPO 2020 site, support and back up team’s access, and confirming designs are flexible to accommodate any changes.

According to Salma, DCD’s engineer’s staff have exerted huge effort, during weekly meetings with EXPO 2020 concerned staff and participating countries pavilions officials, to complete approval works. Project implementation phase began in the last quarter of 2016, including designs, infrastructure works, and fire-fighting networks systems, she concluded.

2020 01 21 2NA


Last modified on Monday, 17 Feb 2020 09:31

2020 01 20 1NA

Excellency Maj. Gen. Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al Marzougi, Civil Defense Commander in Chief, visited the Dubai Civil Defense pavilion, at INTERSEC exhibition 2020, in its 22nd edition, which was inaugurated by H.H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

Commander in Chief Al Marzouqi, was received by Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense Department. 

During his visit, Al Marzouqi has reviewed the new fire and rescue vehicle, known as “Early Intervention Unit”, launched by DCD at INTERSEC 2020, adding real value to DCD’S area of specialty work, and ensuring its developmental operations, carried out as per efficient and high-quality practical methodologies.

In the same context, Al Matrooshi received also Brig. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaabi, Director of Ras Al Khaimah Civil Defense, Mr. Abdullrahman Obeid Abu Shawarib, Senior head deputy of Protocol & Security at Dubai International Trade Center, as well as a number of participating companies’  representatives, to review the best practices applied by Dubai Civil Defense, and their role in developing fire and rescue vehicles and apparatuses,  based on its adopted methodology which relies on accelerators and artificial intelligence, as per wise leadership directives for reshaping the future.

Brig. Rashid Khalifah, assist. Director-General of Dubai Civil Defense for Smart Services has also received, in the presence of Brig. Ali Hassan Al Mutawa assists. Director-General for Fire and Rescue, Brig. Mohammed Abdullah Al Nueimi, Director General of Fire & Protection Affairs General Department at Civil Defense GHQ, Ministry of Interior.

2020 01 20 2NA


Last modified on Monday, 17 Feb 2020 09:56
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