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2019 12 12 11NA

Dubai Civil Defense has participated in First Aid Six Forum activities, organized by Emirates Red Crescent, at Dust 2 Hotel in Abu Dhabi, which aims to communicate to its strategic partners and the Paramedics the latest technologies witnessed in

First Aid line, as well as latest medical equipment and apparatus.

Dubai Civil Defense was honored at the end of event, as one of strategic partners, in recognition of its valued role in making Red Crescent events and activities a successful. Lt. Jaber Zafer Ahbabi, head of Strategic Partners Section received the certificate on behalf of Dubai Civil Defense.

2019 12 12 44NA

Last modified on Thursday, 12 Dec 2019 12:41

2019 12 12 6NA

Himma Hatta AL Qimmah Initiative’s workshops continue to take place, in line with Dubai Civil Defense HQ agenda to participate in Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) 2020, Pioneering entity category. 

Workshop was held in the presence of MS Nora Ahmed AL Matrooshi, director of Human Resources department, department’s officers, sections heads and other concerned staff of “Human Capital Formation and Emiratization” team, where Eng. Suhad ALmasri, HHA initiative’s team member, delivered detailed explanation about the criteria related to the axis of team work, methods to implement (Competency) form, to achieve r indicators required , identify challenges and development initiatives in the field of Human Capital Formation and Emiratization move, in a way that ensures  DCD’s strategic goals and Dubai Government goals are achieved. 

MS Nora AL Matrooshi has confirmed that regular workshops taking place during this time, contribute greatly in supporting DCD’s trends, and implementing its innovative-based strategy while delivering services to customers, due to its huge impact on ongoing improvement opportunities and development operation sustainability aiming at achieving global leadership.

She also indicated that, axis have included planning and assets management, physical resources management, human capital formation development , and Emiratization through innovative work, and linking them strategic goals, to achieve best measurement indicators, confirming focus was made on enhancing support initiatives aiming to increase functional satisfaction, working environment positivity to booster institutional loyalty value.

In addition, practical steps to support wise leadership directives was reviewed, to sustain Emirati human resources, throw DCD designed programs.

2019 12 12 2NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:07

In the presence of Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid AL Mheiri, acting director general and Brig. Rashid Khalifa AL Buflasah, assistant director for Smart Services, workshops launched by “Himma Hatta Al Qimma” Initiative continue to take place, in line with DCD’S GHQ preparation efforts to participate in Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) 2020, Pioneering entity category. 

Two different workshops branded as “Government Services” and “Digital Government” were conducted.

Afaf Jassim director of Strategy and Future, and chairperson of HHA’S initiative team, has demonstrated in convened workshops, illustrative explanation of axis related standards, how to implement (Efficiency) form, to achieve indicators, and identify challenges and development initiatives.

Brig. Bin Aadid confirmed that , workshop has focused on DCD”s operations to design and deliver advance services to the customers and institutions, in accordance to standards that assure happiness, positivity and quality life, and following up ongoing improvement operations, working to achieve main objectives of Government services, connecting them with the strategy, designing strategic and operational performance indicators before it is linked to strategic plan, and relying on innovation and invention in delivering best services that meet customer’s aspirations.

 For his part, Brig. Rashid Bu Alflasah, pointed to the importance of HHA’S workshops .its influential role in clarifying min points before the assessment time begins in next March, confirming that Digital Government workshop has included all aspects, through which we concentrated on digital maturity level, and the extent to which policies and plans ate designed and implemented in Dubai Civil Defense , to support digital transformation of all services delivered, in a way that its strategy and Dubai Smart Government goals are implemented, making it possible for  them to take the lead.

He added, work in digital transformation is all most nearly to finish by using smart applications, as our department must be paperless organization by 2020.

Bu Alflasa also indicated that search and development points in smart and secure electronic transformation already activated in cooperation with other concerned bodies, work to apply innovative technology to achieve innovation operations, linking DCD’S smart electronic services with other Government entities, to achieve the smart objectives of Dubai Government.

2019 12 11 555NA

2019 12 11 777NA=

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019 12:17

2019 12 10 11NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense HQ, was conferred Fire Magazine Thought Leadership Award, which is sponsored by the FIA- Fire Industry Association, in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards fire and Life safety, during an event organized by Fire Magazine, as part of its Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2019, held at the prestigious One Great George Street London, on 6th Dec. 2019. 

 The Excellence in Fire and Emergency Award, is an event that all Chief Fire Officers, their teams, industry support , suppliers and front line firefighters come together to celebrate the work of brigades, Civil Defense Organizations, teams and individuals who have really made a difference in the World of Fire & safety. 

Said Award applaud innovative working practices, influential leadership, forward – thinking projects and commitment to the values of the fire and emergency services.

For his part, AL Mtrooshi stressed that the winning of Excellence in Fire and Emergency Award, is a result of the futuristic vision of the wise leadership towards developing capabilities a to keep pace with the latest inventions in the fire and safety field, to protect lives and properties and enhance efforts aiming to ensure safety and security sustainability.

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019 08:45

2019 12 10 1NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifa AL Buflasah, assistant director general for Smart Services, at Dubai Civil Defense, has chaired a meeting set to review all services delivered to customers, through smart applications in all phases, processing in other services in which practical steps is not 100%, finish yet, and how to ensure work is totally completed as per scheduled remedy plan. 

Convened meeting includes also reviewing time plan set for complete smart conversion of all DCD’S transactions through smart applications in 2020, to become paperless department, a challenge which we are striving to achieve, before the date scheduled by Dubai Government by 2021, as part of Dubai Paperless strategy, launched by H. H. Sheikh Hamadan Bin Dubai Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum, Crown Prince and President of Executive Council.

Meeting was attended by Lt. Col. Andullrahaman Mohammed AL Ali, acting director of Communications Systems department, Captain Khalid Saeed ALtuneiji, acting director of Preventive Safety Department, Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed AL Ali, deputy director of IT department and Eng. Mohammed Janahi, head of Networks.


Last modified on Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019 13:31

2019 12 9 11NA

Lt. Col. Saeed Sultan AL Rahoumi, Director of Jabal Ali Fire and Rescue Center, has praised, during the fourth session of the initiative “30 Minutes with a Leader”, which titled “Way to Leadership” , and organized by Civil Defense Youth Councils, with the aim to impart accumulated experiences, documenting knowledge of specialized work, and inspiring Youth with innovative ideas that acquired by leaders over more than 20 years, in different fields,  unlimited support which wise leadership provides to  the Youth, and its adoption of the young national leaders, for present and future time, enabling them to maintain the position which UAE has achieved in the international arena,  development sustainability  in different axis, via which DCD seek to implement its strategies and directives by offering the Youth the opportunities, support and motivate them to be innovative , creative and inspire  the spirit of leadership.

ALRahouni also unveiled the importance of positive thinking in achieving success and overcoming challenges faced in life, acquiring leadership qualities, developing it through practical experiences, urging Youth to stick to perseverance and work hard in the  march to reach leadership point, which requires seriousness, determination and loyalty, confirming challenges  he faced motivated him to achieve more success , most notably Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Jazirah University in 2017,  Master Degree in Public Administration from Mohammed Bin Rashid College for Government Management in 2019.  

He illustrated that, successful experiences in handling advanced fire incidents, reflects leader’s personality and his team members, through the way they reacting to protect lives and properties, practically d seen in two fire incidents occurred in Jabal Ali within 24 hours, where we managed to battled fire in 72 warehouses, second fire incident was erupted in commercial vessel, but despite challenges and efforts exerted in fighting the first incident , were able to professionally control the second and prevent it from spreading to other ships.

He also confirmed that, Civil Defense specialized work includes huge challenges and difficulties, therefore, personnel should be featured with leadership spirit and collective role , possessing wide scope and innovative ways of thinking, that support development sustainability, stressing he himself depend on collective role and one team spirit.

Al Rahoumi stressed also, ambition, interest and determination are the most notable features of a leader, and No one is a failure in life, but difference is that one sets his goals while other don’t, he links becoming a leader with ongoing learning, which recognize no age, who passes 70 years can still awarded degree  certificate .

AL Rahoumi, urged Youth to work hard and be dedicated to get promotions, I the way to become leaders in the future. We must learn from our mistakes to overcome obstacles that come in our way, specialized work needs to consider developing ideas, to contribute in achieving DCD’S vision in making UAE one of the best countries in the world in safety and security, particularly in the presence of the huge technological progress witnessed nowadays, and utilizing it in ensuring lives and property protection.

2019 12 9 33NA

2019 12 9 66NA


Last modified on Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019 11:09

2019 12 09 1NA

Under the supervision of H. E. Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, first workshop of “Himma Hatta AL Qimma” initiative team, loosely translates into “Strength until the End”, as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ preparations to take part in Pioneer Entity category of Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) 2020.

Himma Hatta Al Qimma team, led by Lady Afaf Jassim ALMuheiri, director of Policies and Decisions Support Department, assigned to undertake the task of qualifying all the participating teams, and preparing requirements and standards as per introductory form, and practical assessment to take place in March 2020.

“Basic Tasks 2019” team workshop, which branded as “Effective and Efficient Institutional and professional capabilities to achieve best pioneering results” includes demonstrating main standards as per sub and detailed specialty, in terms of applied aspects and strategy performance follow up, assessment of achievements and implementation and follow up results, strategic planning performance indicators, stakeholders opinion  measurements in the field of  planning, it also tackled operations management, and social, economic and environment sustainability.   

Lt. Col. Mutran Khalil Mutran, director of Operations Department and deputy chairperson of Main Tasks team, stressed that workshops axis have confirmed the importance of achieving most important activities and services  that impact DCD’S activities and results, within Headquarters keenness to participate in DGEP’S best pioneering entity category, accuracy in standards implementation and  how far it matches strategic plan.

He added, we endeavor to link operations with strategic planning, in a way that ensures efficiency and effective in all main tasks, and achieves best performance measurement indicators, from the platform of following up ongoing improvement opportunities, initiatives and innovative programs.

Mutran also indicated, that workshop notified to the importance of excellence and global leadership in fire and rescue, rapid response to emergencies situations, crisis and disasters management efficiency, building safety assurance, and enhancing preventive awareness across community sectors.

For her part, Lady Afaf AL Muheiri, explained that specialized workshops contribute in preparing DCD’S Headquarters at sectors and departments levels to take part in DGEP’S best pioneering entity category, through which we work to provide standards embodied in 2020 assessment guidelines, confirming first workshop has covered main tasks requirements, socio-economic and environment sustainability achievements and results strategic and operational performance indicators, and operations related performance indicators.

2019 12 09 2NA

2019 12 09 4NA


Last modified on Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019 09:05

2019 12 08 111NA

H.E. Brig. Rashid Khalifa AL BuFlasa, assistant director general for Smart Services, has honored driver Asif Hussein Noor, from Communications Department, in recognition of his excellent efforts exerted during the project of “Installation of IPad devices on Early Intervention Vehicles”. Honoring ceremony was attended by Lt. Col. Andullrahaman Mohammed AL Ali, acting director of Communications Systems department and 1st Lt. Ali Salem Bin Goulitha head of Communication Section.


Last modified on Monday, 09 Dec 2019 09:39

2019 12 08 1NA

Department of Strategy and Future has organized a workshop branded as “ISO Standards Preparation & Updating”, for teams work, delivered by Mr. Yasser Mahmoud, Risk analyst at the department. Held Workshop comes as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ commitment towards Quality requirements, highest levels of competitiveness among all services sectors, and customers service quality sustainability.

Workshop includes an introduction about ISO system requirements and ways to implement in DCD’s specialized operations, and how to apply verification procedures to ensure performance effectiveness id increased.


Last modified on Monday, 09 Dec 2019 09:31

2019 12 08 11NA

Maj. Gen. expert Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, presented glimpses of his Inspiring experience in leadership and management  line, where he narrated his long honorable Chronicle of achievements since he graduated as lieutenant in the army, different posts assumed until his current position as Director General of Dubai Civil Defense.

Glimpses was presented during the third session of ongoing initiative  branded as "30 Minutes With a Leader", launched by Civil Defense Youth Council,  titled this time as " How to Become Inspiring Leader",

Which aims at sharing accumulated experiences acquired the leaders over more than 20 years, in order to inspire the Youth with innovative ideas to enhance and enrich their role in all walks of life.

Audiences were motivated by Al Matrooshi words stated during the session, which comes to confirming the fact that leadership is an art which basically relates to the leader personality, in addition to his talent and other abilities including innovative skills, positivity, culture,   hardworking, research and reading capabilities.

Al Matrooshi also emphasized that true leader is like a skilled ship's captain who can sail to arrive in the shore safely despite of all bad weather conditions,

He indicated that, he was inspired by the role model of the wise leadership in facing challenges, ability to carry out tasks assigned in the most appropriate manner

Al Matrooshi also urged the Youth to follow the steps of our wise leadership, and to embrace the values of national identity and heritage, to confidently shoulder the responsibilities, reserve no efforts to maintain the nation reputation, achieving DCD'S institutional and professional excellence, which contributes largely in lives and properties protection and realizing our vision to become

The best in the world.

He also disclosed the idea of DOLPHIN Project marine and water ways fire suppression system, since it was merely an idea ,  before was developed following long discussions to become true, saying he talked to H.H. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, explaining the feasibility of the idea, who have immediately responded by instructing us to implement it at all UAE Civil Defense departments, and then the idea becomes popular, as BBC TV channel telecasted special episode about the full story, implementation and success.  More than 100 Million viewers reacted to the first tweeter about DOLPHIN fire system.

Al Matrooshi also stressed that leader thought must accommodates his employees innovative ideas, support and contribute in developing them, requesting the Youth to take advantage of cutting edge technology, accelerators and Artificial Intelligence in reshaping the future.

Among session attendees were Lt. Col Ismail Ahmed Abdullah, director of Port Saeed fire station, Lady Afaf Jassim,director of Polices and Decision Support department, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communications department, fire stations deputy directors and DCD'S officers, Mrs. Huwaida Bin Touq, deputy director of Government Communications department, heads of Sections who have positively reacted to presentation.

For his part Captain Taher Hassan head of Companies Approval Section and member of Civil Defense Youth Council stressed that H.E Director General has rich and diversified accumulative experience in leadership and administrative management, and based on this huge experience no doubt he have successes to inspire the Youth and instill the spirit of leadership on them, so we are more optimistic about the future and self' confident to shoulder the responsibilities following his steps.

2019 12 08 77NA


Last modified on Monday, 09 Dec 2019 08:35
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