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2021 03 29 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense has turned off the lights at GHQ’ premises, and its affiliated fire stations, on Saturday 27/03/2021, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm, local time as part of participating in “Earth Hour” initiative, in a bid to embedding the awareness’s importance of the environment preservation.

2021 03 29 2NA



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2021 03 17 1NA

On the Occasion of Announcing 2021 as the Year of 50th. by Sheikh Khalifah

Al Matrooshi:

UAE …Fifty Years of Global Leadership

The late founding fathers (May their souls rest in peace) have laid the foundation stone of building our country fifty years ago, to become a home for comprehensive development, a model for rapid growth, an oasis for safety, space for tolerance, a source for giving, till it has reached the level of the advanced countries in different fields, and become a pioneer in many global competitiveness indicators, therefore, we confidently aspiring the future to achieve “March sustainability”.

On the occasion of announcing 2021 as the year of 50th, by H. H. Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Present of State, we inspire the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan:(Desert has taught us to be patient enough until the Good sprout, be patient and continue the march of the building until achieving the Good of our beloved country).

The process of Building and excellence will continue with a renewed thought, which would be reflected in our wise leadership vision, and lies in the strategic planning of our Government, being an instilled feature in all work teams initiatives, and renewable energy in innovative application attempts of all locals and residents creators. 

The importance of the “Excellence and leadership sustainability” approach lies in the fact that being an effective standard and indicator to measure the ability of developmental projects and excellent work teams to integrate between what has been done during the last 50 years and what should be done in the next 50, as it ensures achievements and capabilities growth sustainability, and response to our wise leadership future vision aiming to improve the quality of life within our country and worldwide.

Therefore, it is necessary to have (future) present in the vision, thought, planning and implementation, and in all initiatives, projects, and innovative future models of different strategic and vital sectors, as (future carries opportunities, challenges, and Knowledge), and global competitiveness elevated benchmarking.

“Future is Made rather than expected”

As H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum confirmed


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2021 03 16 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense received National Services Recruits (NSR) delegation, in an introductory visit to Emirates Academy for Civil Defense (EACD), to review fire and rescue men training methodology and the nature of their tasks to protect lives and properties, main specialized training courses presentations, including “Basic Training Course”.

Visiting National Services Recruits (NSR), also review other facilities and training establishments, which furbish fire and rescue men skills and boosting their professional efficiency and capabilities, as per training methods approved globally, with elaborative explanation for fire specialized equipment and apparatuses working mechanism, first responder system. Recruits were briefed also about a number of successful work experiences.

1st. Lt. Matter Bin Ghdaier, head of training and development section at Fire Stations, stressed that National Services Recruits visit symbolizes the value of communication and knowledge impart between military institutions across the country, as they review the nature of tasks fire squads perform during emergency situations, and have a full idea about Civil Defense activities, with casting more light on some fire incidents which were efficiently and effectively handled by fire personnel, in accordance to international known best practices.
2021 03 16 4NA
2021 03 16 6NA
Last modified on Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 10:52
2021 03 9 2NA

H. E. Brg. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director-General for Resources and Support Services, at DCD crowned the first place winners in the Padel Tennis Championship in its first edition, which was organized by the "Sports Events and Competition Section" at (Al Padel Point) stadiums in Al Quoz area on A period of 3 days with the participation of 12 teams from the Fire and Rescue Sector.

The first place went to Lt. Khalifah Al-Suwaidi, and 1st. Warrant Officer, Mansour Al-Ahbabi from Al Rashidiyah Fire Station.

The second place went to Lt. Ahmed bin Humaidan, and 1st. Warrant Officer, Abdallah Al-Mansoori from Port Said Fire Station, and Lt. Sultan bin Suleiman and Lt. Marwan Al-Kindi from Al-Qusais Fire Station came in second place.

Brig. Jamal bin Aded confirmed that the championship is part of the 2021 championships and sporting events of DCD, which reflects the interest in sports and physical aspects, which sustain the spiritual energy and raise the level of fitness, and contribute to the sustainability of the readiness of firefighters and rescue, as the mental presence required to deal positively in emergency situations.

Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al-Mutawaa, Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue Affairs, indicated that DCD is keen to diversify the tournaments organized throughout the year and to encourage firefighters and rescuers to develop their skills in the sports they prefer, while at the same time maintaining the level of physical fitness that is considered one of the main elements in performing their Noble duties.

The tournament was held in the presence of Colonel Expert Rashid Hussain Al Sumaiti, Director of Al Quoz Fire Station, Major Ali Mohammed Al Falasi, Director of the Fire Stations Affairs Department, and Lt. Mohammed Khalifah bin Ghulaitah, Head of "Sports Events and Competition Section".


Last modified on Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 10:56
2021 03 06 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense fulfilled a desire of three years boy by hosting his birthday celebration at home amongst his family members with the participation of a number of firefighters from Barsha fire station, as part of community initiatives of Dubai Civil Defense.

A letter was received by the department of Government Communication from the family of the child Khalid Abdullah Jawhar, who is 3 years old, expressing their admiration of firefighters, and their unique uniform which attracts the little boy attention, they wear while carrying out main and support operations, wondering if any chance for him to celebrate his birthday this year among DCD’S frontline heroes. 

He (Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawaa), assist. Director-General of Fire and Rescue stressed that DCD’ quick response to fulfill child’s desire, confirming community humanitarian values, which reflects the directives seeking integration with factors that reflect positive relation between the components of the society, in a way that enhancing integration confirming professional development, explaining That Dubai Civil defense HQ takes into consideration the confidence people have on all things which lead to assert honorable presence always on different events and respects to achieve anticipated aspirations.

Ali noted also that social understanding comes on top of Dubai Government priorities and directives to achieve the best happiness indicators of the community provide highest degrees of safety and security assuring decent life, embedding the concepts of tolerance and coexistences and the role of individual towards his family, community and nation.

For his part Maj. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Al Shengiti, Director of Government Communication Department, stressed Dubai Civil defense is keen social to integrate and extend effective means of communication with all community’s segments, based on its strategic, programs and community activities, and achieving inspirations for positive participation, which contribute in assuring their happiness.


Last modified on Sunday, 07 Mar 2021 09:33
2021 03 02 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense employees, suffering from chronic diseases, working remotely from home during the Corona pandemic, have received “Esaad” cards. The cards were distributed to them during the field visits carried out by the departments of Government Communication and Human resources within the framework of programs and initiatives, which aim to contribute to ensuring employees’ happiness and creating a positive working environment.

“Esaad” cards program offers promotions, discounts and exclusive advantages, with the aim to fostering institutional allegiance and improving, it contributes in offering a distinguished promotions package to employees in dealing with hundreds of services organizations in health, education, restaurants, shopping malls, catering, housing, car services, travel, and tourism sectors.

For her part Director of Human Resources department, has confirmed that attempt comes as part of annual plan 2021 of initiatives and programs, which are implemented by Dubai Civil Defense, to ensure employees’ happiness, embedding the concepts of functional harmony, creating productivity and achievements enhancing the working environment, stressing that initiative covers all people working remotely including People of Determination and those with chronic diseases.

Last modified on Monday, 20 Feb 2023 07:58
Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 07:55

UAE Fire Safety Innovation Award

2021 02 23 2NA

To Participate in the Award just click or copy the link






Last modified on Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021 07:59
2021 02 09 1NA

General Expert Al Matrooshi

Successful Arrival of Emirates Mission to Mars

is a Historical Global Scientific Arab Accomplishment

Proud to express our sincere congratulation to our wise leadership for this historical global scientific Arab achievement, which would not have been possible without its continuous support and kind care extended to strategic sectors, developing competitiveness capabilities of the country in various scientific and technological spheres, including (space) sector, therefore our country was able today to achieve such huge historical accomplishment, the arrival of Emirates “Probe Hope” successfully to The Mars coinciding with the great celebration of  UAE 50th anniversary.

The mission was the first interplanetary mission undertaken by the Arab Islamic nation that will inspire millions of UAE, Arab and Muslim youth in their sustainable scientific journey to explore outer space.

 While hailing this great occasion worth mentioning that the UAE since its inception 50 years ago, is inspired by the clear vision (dream) of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and the relentless pursuit to reshaping the future…. as was mentioned in Zayed statement: (We as the Arab nation greatly believed that have a big role to play in project and researches, proud of the substantial progress seen in space sciences, due to the rules set hundreds of years ago by Arab scholars, we hope peace will prevail and human realize the risks threatening them due to tardiness), following the same path our wise leadership has achieved ( future-making projects), stemming from the fact that : ( Our region is a land of Civilizations, exploring, inventing, building and creating the civilization is our fate and destiny). As was stressed by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (may Allah preserve him).

Thanks to both leaders and the team of scientists and engineers who stood behind this huge project for their prominent role.

We are so confident that with the support of our wise leadership and the efforts of our youth the UAE mission to the Moon in 2024 will find its way.


Last modified on Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 09:14
2021 02 02 1NA

His Excellency Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawaa, assist. Director-General for Fire and Rescue Affairs has reviewed the vaccination process set for vaccinating fire and rescue frontline heroes against Novel Corona Virus (COVID19), held at Nad Alshiba fire station by Dubai Civil Defense in association with the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

During his visit to the campaign center Al Mutawaa received a detailed briefing from campaign supervisors, representing Civil Protection Department “Public Health Section”, and the epidemic investigative team.

 He (Al Mutawaa) stressed that the move reflects Dubai Civil Defense's concern about employees and their health and wellbeing.

2021 02 02 2NA

2021 02 02 3NA
2021 02 02 7NA
Last modified on Wednesday, 03 Feb 2021 08:36
2021 02 01 1NA

His Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has inspected vaccination drive running for firefighter frontline against Novel Coronavirus - COVID 19, three days long vaccination campaign is organized by “Public Health Section” at Civil Protection Department with epidemic investigative team Nad Alshiba fire station in cooperation Ministry of Health and Community Prevention.

   He (Al Matrooshi) praised the wise leadership concern about the health of citizens and residents, through its steps taken earlier to provide them with the vaccine, confirming that Dubai Civil Defense has targeted the frontline heroes and all other employees, as well as enhancing safety-related precautionary measures.

 He also praised the valued efforts of the Health Ministry and its prominent contributions proved effective in combating the pandemic.

 ALMatrooshi was accompanied during the tour by Major Abdulrahman Ibrahim Al Ali, director of Nad Alshiba fire station, 1st.Lt. Isa Ahmed Al Mutawaa, director of the Monitoring and Inspection Department, and Lady Zainah Hashim Al Hadid, head of the Public Health Section.

2021 02 01 2NA


Last modified on Tuesday, 02 Feb 2021 09:38
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